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Vienna based
techno label and
space agency

Point:A Records is a Vienna based techno label and artists collective dedicated to create a joint vision of a possible future. Through the combination of techno, design and literature we explore the ways of expressing ourselves. Our aim is to provide a hub for upcoming artists while pushing the boundaries of electronic music and art.



/ Chapter One – Maximilian Kaiser

On a scarred, arid planet roam indigenous creatures in nomadic herds, traversing vast distances in search for scarce sources of food amidst the scrap-littered ash wastes. Every 13 years, when the celestial bodies align in a specific constellation, the nomads sense the transient change in the rain of solar radiation particles. Today they crawl out once again from their shelters in countless canyons and craters to witness the clouds rip open and a swarm of shrieking meteors comes crashing down. They watch in awe as one by one, the meteor-like objects light up even brighter and disappear again just before touching the horizon, leaving a bent trail of exhaust fumes.

Inside the lowest flying object, encased in a plasteel armored cockpit, the pilot operates the craft with unnatural precision, their modified body partly embedded into the machinery of the vessel. Datastreams flow from the ship’s computer as bio-electrical current through the neurosocket on the back of the helmet and directly into the pilot‘s mind. Only a few kilometers before hitting checkmark P01N7, an anomaly suddenly causes error reports to flood the log. In a split-second all systems fail.

Arriving at the location where a spire of smoke marks the crash site, the inhabitants were expecting another blessing from their gods, wielding their cutting tools for the great harvest. But for the first time in millennia something alien emerges from the burning wreckage. Bewildered, they gaze at the strange being that tumbles out of the hull breach. Clad in a torn-up spacesuit, its otherworldly body erect. The confrontation culminates in a piercing glance of consternation.



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